Travel Journal Instructions

Popup images of the original pages

Throughout the diary, the page breaks which occur are rendered as clickable links which bring up an image of the original diary page to which they correspond. These links are activated on both sides of the diary text. This is so that one may compare the transcription or the translation to the original diary.

Below is an example of what this would look like.

Popup annotations

Underlined text refers to an annotation in the back matter. The side-by-side diary view page pops-up annotations on mouse-over for javascript and css enabled browsers.

Quick links to sections and chapters

The navigational menus at the right and left side of the page control quick links to various points of the diary which correspond to the beginning of new chapters and the beginning of new months in Alexander’s journey. The original text and the translation can be controlled independently: each menu controls the text on its side of the window.

Color key

Notable information in the transcriptions are shown as colored text. Below is a key of what each color means:

  • Green – Dates
  • Maroon – Places
  • Mustard – People
  • Blue – Dates in which journal entry was written