Interns and Prof. Andrews examine Joseph’s diaries.

Today, the Svoboda Diaries Project continues to flourish. One faculty member, a staff technology consultant, and 4 interns have grown into a full-scale project employing as many as 30 undergraduate interns a year. Our interns graduate, go out into the world to jobs and graduate schools where they do very well. The project is steadily publishing diaries and is now engaged in a major effort to improve the accessibility of the materials that we are digitizing, and their potential to be utilized effectively in research.

As the Svoboda project has grown, much of its progress has been the result of the work of several generations of talented and hard-working undergraduate OTAP, Svoboda Diaries, and now Newbook interns, beginning with students of Arabic in the Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilization and expanding to students working in other fields from history, international studies, linguistics, Italian and French, to computer science and informatics, and occasionally, summer interns from local high schools and other universities.

At present three master’s theses and one doctoral dissertation have grown out of engagement with the Svoboda materials. The interns have also presented the project in national and local undergraduate research symposia and university-wide conferences.  Former interns have expressed the sentiment that their experiences with the project have been an important and, in some cases, transformative part of their undergraduate education.